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Shop the Frog bike range here at Stonepail cycles, all sizes and colours of Frog bikes are available to order with us.  We are a fully authorised Frog bike stockist and independent retailer here in Manchester.


Frog bikes are designed specifically for kids, they have lightweight aluminium frames and high quality industry leading components.   Designed to instil confidence in little riders they make the perfect kids bike. Frog bike offer a wide range of sizes and loads of cool colour options too.


Size wise the smallest Frog bike is the Frog 40 from the “First pedal bike” range, sizes go right up to cover teenagers with the Frog 78 being the biggest on the range.  

Frog bikes are click and collect from our shop , your Frog bike will be fully built and safety checked, all ready to roll for your child's two wheeled adventures.   

We do hear tales of disappointment when people buy Frog bikes directly online and they come part built, without the right tools its difficult to complete and ensure the bike if safe for your child to ride.  Please don't get caught out, we pride ourselves in the service and quality of work we provide when supplying and building new bikes

Here at Stonepail Cycles we are an authorised Frog bike dealer.  We have the pleasure of supplying new Frog bikes across Manchester, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas. 

We provide a click and collect service from our shop. 

Your new Frog bike will be fully built and safety checked, ready to ride or to be wrapped as a gift.

If you'd like to read some more Frog bike related information its available at The Hub and a range of FAQ's below.

Frog Bike FAQ's

Here you will see our guide to answer many of the questions that arise when researching the purchase of a Frog bike, please do get in touch if we can help with anything else.

1 / What size Frog Bike should I buy for my child?

Frog Bike offers a range of sizes, they are named with numbers which get higher as the bike gets bigger. As a rule they fall into different age ranges, we’ve outlined these below next to their Frog Bike name too:

Frog 40 Age 3 to 4.  Frog 44 Age 4 to 5.  Frog 47 Age 4 to 6.  Frog 53 Age 5 to 7.  Frog 61 and Frog 62 Age 8 to 10. Frog 69 Age 10 to 12.  Frog 73 Age 12 to 14. Frog 78 Age 13+

2 / Are Frog Bikes good quality?

Here at Stonepail Cycles we believe they are one of the best quality kids bikes available in the market, we support this view by solely stocking the Frog Bike brand as our kids bike range.

3 / Where can I buy Frog Bikes in the UK?

Right here in Manchester from Stonepail Cycles, we are a fully authorised Frog Bike stockist.  All Frog Bikes are available to order with us and are store collection orders only.   Give us a call 0161 971 6288, drop us an email or pop on down to see us at the shop and chat with us.

(not all sizes are kept in stock at the shop - please call ahead to check)

4 / How much do Frog Bikes cost?

Prices range from £415 to £535, the smallest bike in the range has the lowest price point and this increases as the bikes get bigger and more materials are required.

5 / What age range are Frog Bikes suitable for?

As soon as you feel your child has the balance and they’ve graduated from their balance bike or want to take the move to a pedal bike with stabilisers then a Frog Bike is suitable, generally this is from Age 3 upwards.

6 / Are Frog Bikes easy to assemble?

We provide full assembly and safety check service for your childs Frog Bike, the bikes are collection only so we can even get the saddle height perfect if you visit with your child to collect.  We’ll also provide a free bike check up within the first 6 months of ownership.

7 / What is the warranty on Frog Bikes?

Each Frog Bike when new comes with a standard warranty which is for 2 years on all frames, forks, parts & paintwork. (tyres & inner tubes are excluded). Suspension forks also come with a standard warranty of 2 years. These T&C’s can be viewed on the Frog Bike website here - Frog Bike standard terms and conditions

8 / Do Frog Bikes come with pedals?

They do, yes, they come with flat plastic pedals.

9 / Can I buy spare parts for Frog Bikes?

We would advise calling to discuss any requirements to ensure the right part or fix is identified.

10 / What is the weight of a Frog Bike?

With the quality of lightweight materials used Frog Bikes are lower in weight than many of the competitor brands.  The smallest Frog 40 is the lighted at 6.46kg, they do get heavier as they get bigger with the Frog 78 weighing 10kg.

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